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Rhinoplasty, or a nose job as most of us would call it, is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. Basically, this procedure will enhance the appearance of the nose, change its proportion in relation to your face, and is intended to improve your overall self-confidence regarding your appearance. When most people think of rhinoplasty, they assume that the patient is getting the procedure done for vanity reasons. Indeed, that is one reason why someone would consider this operation. After all, rhinoplasty can improve the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose if you are not happy with the way it looks. But most people do not consider that the majority of rhinoplasty patients are people who have breathing issues that can only be fully repaired by an invasive surgical procedure on the nose. In addition, some people have accidents that leave their nose disfigured, and getting this surgery is a good solution.


Is a nose job the right thing for you?

The shape and size of your nose is of course due to heredity. However, the appearance and function of your nose may have changed through the course of your life due to accidents or other health related complications. If you get a nose job to correct any of these complications, you can expect that it could change the size of your nose, the width of the nose bridge, the profile of your nose, the size of your nostrils, and the symmetry of your nose. Figuring out if it is right for you will require you to sit down and think about your reasons for wanting to have this procedure done. In general, you should only begin to consider if this is right for you if you are over the age of thirteen, if you are a non-smoker, if you are already in good physical condition, and if you have a specific yet realistic goal in mind for what you hope this surgery accomplishes.


Questions you can expect before your nose job

Whether or not you consider your nose job a success depends on a variety of factors. But the chances of you feeling good about the results significantly increase if you have a candid discussion with the surgeon beforehand and are prepared to respond to a series of medical questions. First of all, the surgeon will ask you why you want to have this surgery in the first place. He or she will also ask you about your medical history and any medical conditions you already have. You will also be asked about medications, diet, alcohol and tobacco use, and drug use.


Considerations after your nose job

Your nose job may be done in an outpatient facility. If that is the case, it is imperative that you have someone ready to pick you up who is prepared to stay in the waiting room while the procedure is done. Generally, the facility will not let your ride leave without you, so that person needs to be someone you trust and who has the time to dedicate to helping you out for a day. Plan in advance to have some company.